Advent 2022 Week I:  

Practically every person who has followed the Lord has had to suffer his timing. Whether in discerning a call, sitting on a job offer, or considering end-of-life care—clarity and conviction are slow in coming. Though we be all ablaze with urgency, the Lord has us wait.

What is the sense in it? What is to be gained by tarrying? In a world where so few people ask anything of God, why isn’t he better disposed to meet the needs of those who do? It would seem that such is not his wisdom, for his plans are greater than mere satisfaction.

On the one hand, his delay is made to deepen our longing. He comes at an hour that we do not expect, precisely in order to increase our faith, our desire, and ultimately our fulfilment. Our nagging unrest is, itself, his gift, lest we settle for something short of everything.

And yet, that’s only a partial answer, for he could do so in a thousand less painful ways. Why this one?

On the other hand, his delay is made to conform us to himself. In the crucible of patience, we are made like him who suffered and died for love of us. In the end, we will be satisfied with nothing less than the Lord. And, if we will have him, it will be on his terms—terms that always mean suffering. For perfect conformity, we must meet him at his most vulnerable—in death—indeed, the death of delay. So, stay awake. Keep watch. Take heart.

Lord Jesus Christ, deepen in us the desire for your fulfilment, and in the suffering of patience, conform us to the pattern of your crucified love. Amen.

Fr Gregory Pine OP

Enjoy some beautiful Advent music while you read and reflect on the artwork for week I of Advent for 2022. We hope you will enjoy our series this year!