The Norbertines are Expanding Their Apostlate, Welcome to Corpus Christi Priory, Springfield, IL

Reclaiming Catholic Culture.

For over 900 years, Norbertines have served the Church as preachers and teachers of the Gospel. The work of the Institute is grounded in this tradition and flows from the strength and evangelical momentum of St. Michael’s Abbey. Hidden in the desert mountains of Southern California, St. Michael’s Abbey is monastic life in its traditional sense. More than a house for religious, it is a center of Catholic culture: a place of scholarship, craftsmanship, art, music, hospitality, and prayer.

An Expanding Apostolate.

As the Norbertine presence in Springfield grows, the Corpus Christi Priory will develop into a center for on-site training and formation for Catholic school teachers and administrators, lay catechists, local priests and deacons. In time, this magnificent space may also host those discerning the priesthood for pre-seminary (propaedeutic) formation.

Charity and Clarity.

A growing order, The Norbertines are experts in teaching the fullness of the Catholic Faith with conviction, clarity, and charity. The Norbertine’s commitment to sharing the Faith finds expression in much of their public ministry, including the Evermode Institute, and in the Abbot’s Circle, a first-of-its-kind digital monastery that invites visitors to experience and participate in the beauty of abbey life

These priests are sent from St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, CA. We want to welcome them as they are the new Canons of Premonstatensian Fathers for Corpus Christi Priory. Please pray for them and remember that it is given in God’s good will.

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