“Can You Drink the Cup?”

Advent Series 2022

Pilgrimage fasting/relieved from late autumn to winter

Source of Life – prayer evening with Abbot Lukas

Our Lady of Loudes Catholic Church De Pere, WI

Saint Norbert Abbey, De Pere, WI

Stift-Schlägl Abbey, Austria

Stift-Schlägl Abbey, Austria

“Can you Drink the Cup?” is a 3-week book discussion series. In the gospel, Jesus asks his disciples, “Can you drink the cup that I am to drink?” This is Jesus’ question to us as well, every time we come to Mass, to the Eucharist. Drawing on Jesus’ example, Henri Nouwen’s short book challenges us to delve into the experiential meaning of Eucharist in our own lives. What does it mean to drink from the cup as Jesus is asking me to do? 

If you attended the series “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass” with Deacon Bob Summers, you may find this series to be complementary. 

  • Sr. Laura Zelten, OSF (December 3, 2022)

  • Fr. Tim Shillcox, O. Praem. (December 10, 2022)

  • Sr. Pat Clement, CSJ (December 17, 2022)

One of our most popular series, come and listen to a variety of presenters offer their perspective and reflections on the Sunday Mass readings for the season of Advent. This is a great way to better understand and participate in the Sunday Mass during Advent season. A great opportunity for local parishes to make this Saturday series a part of their own Advent offerings!

Program Cost: $5.00 per session (at door)

Fasting and pilgrimage are a fountain of youth, an inexhaustible source of strength that helps us to free ourselves from old burdens and worries and to shed ballast . Connected to the ancient tradition of pilgrimage, we not only move away from our daily routine, which may already have become a burden to us , but at the same time direct our steps and our spirit in a new direction. When we walk, we clear our heads, feel the wind, feel the wonderful nature around us, boost our inner creativity and find new orientation. The combination of fasting and pilgrimage leaves desires and changes that we for sheerPutting off the hustle and bustle for a long time, becoming reality step by step.

Prayer is the breathing of the soul. Just as the body needs oxygen to live, the soul needs prayer to remain vital and strong. This evening of prayer, designed with songs, listening to the Word of God, time for silence and free prayer … wants to offer a “breath of relief” in the midst of the often hectic everyday life.

Mechthild von Magdeburg, a medieval mystic, writes about prayer:

Prayer has great power:
it makes a bitter heart sweet,
a sorrowful heart glad,
a poor heart wise,
a despondent heart bold,
a weak heart seeing,
a cold heart warm.
It draws the great god into the small heart.
It drives the hungry soul to the fullness of God.
It brings together two lovers:
God and man.