Introduction to Contemplative Prayer of the Name of Jesus

Schlägler Saxophontage

Mural (Fresco) Painting Course

Allegro Vivo. »The Wheel of Time«

Stift Schlägl Abbey, Austria

Stift Schlägl Abbey, Austria

Stift Geras Abbey, Austria

Mondaye Abbey, France

The course is aimed at people
  • seek the silence
  • who want to direct their life and everyday life towards God,
  • who seek God.
It is a step-by-step, practical introduction to a Christian way of meditating.
The word “contemplation” comes from the Latin verb “contemplare” and means “to look at”. Contemplation is about perceiving the work of God in us and in our lives. When we need clarity in our lives, we often instinctively seek times and places of stillness. Here inner things can be sorted and clarified. Jesus himself always goes into silence.
There are forms of silent prayer in all religious traditions. Christian contemplative prayer is accompanied by devotion and love. It is relational prayer in the I-Thou relationship between the praying person and God, characterized by the focus on Jesus Christ, who is “the way, truth and life”. The constant, attentive and loving invocation of the name “Jesus Christ” in a still sitting position in silence, combined with the rhythm of the breath and the awareness of the hands, helps to anchor our attention and to experience us more deeply in touch with the presence of God within us . It is a form of heart prayer in the tradition of Fr. Franz Jalics SJ.
Course #35
The content of the seminar is ensemble playing from duo to saxophone orchestra in various styles – from baroque to jazz.
During the seminar there will be a sheet music and saxophone exhibition by Musikhaus Danner! On Saturday, Mr. Karl Danner gives tips on the maintenance and care of the instruments and is available for minor repairs. On Saturday evening there will again be the traditional concert for the seminar participants, to which friends, acquaintances and relatives are cordially invited.
The mural painting course offered by iconographer and fresco artist Georges Farias at Mondaye Abbey is an introductory course in mural painting with the “buon fresco” technique, which means painting with natural pigments on a lime plaster before it is dry.
The project to be worked on will be inspired by models from the medieval period (Byzantine or Romanesque) or the Renaissance.
The objective is to acquire a knowledge of the terms and the specific technique of fresco painting.
This course is open to everyone and it is not essential to have artistic experience.
Georges Farias is an orthodox iconographer and fresco painter and his workshop is unique in Normandy, where he has been based for a few years, near Bayeux.

A special place is the marble hall of Geras Abbey with the ceiling fresco and the oil paintings by Paul Troger above the fireplaces. You can’t get enough of the passionate and virtuoso performances of the young music enthusiasts and the sound combines with the images to create a brilliant sensory intoxication.