“With Bible and Spade – 900 Years of the Premonstratensian Order”

Ongoing – 9.1.2022

February 3, 2022 – February 6, 2022

Illumination | Winter session 2022

From Sunday February 6, 2022 to Saturday February 12, 2022

“The Devil made me do it”: Evil, Sin and Conscience

February 10, 17, 24 2022

Magdeburg Monastery, Germany

Schlägl Monastery, Austria

Saint-Martin de Mondaye Abbey, France

Daylesford Abbey, Paoli, PA

In the first solo exhibition about the Premonstratensians, outstanding works of art from the Middle Ages to modern times illustrate the cultural, intellectual and economic work of the order from its origins to the present day. The focus is on the time of the early founders in the 12th century, the representation of religious life in the community and in the external effect, treasure art in liturgy and veneration, saints and blessed of the order and its perseverance against the modern upheavals.
The exhibition forms the link between other attractions in the anniversary year. In the former Premonstratensian monastery of Our Dear Women, the first burial of St. Norbert was decorated in a worthy manner. In the northern old town a new ecclesiastical center is being built with the new building of a Premonstratensian convent in the so-called ecumenical courtyards.

During these days you will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness and get to know the basic elements of Qi Gong. With simple meditative exercises while walking, standing and sitting you can calm down and find an alert presence in the present moment. The hikes together take place in silence in order to be able to perceive yourself and nature more intensively. Exercises from Qi Gong bring life energy into the flow and help to feel joy and liveliness. These days are a break from everyday life with the aim of arriving at yourself.

Illumination workshops are aimed at people wishing to learn or improve in the rules of the art, while meditating on texts and images. Open to all, beginners or experienced.

Winter 2022 session : From Sunday February 6 (6 p.m.) to Saturday February 12 (9 a.m.)

“The Devil Made Me Do It”: Evil, Sin, and Conscience Rev. Joseph Serano, O. Praem. Thursdays, February 10, 17, 24 @ 6:30pm-8:00pm Free Will Offering (we ask $15 per evening if you wish to join us for dinner at 5:40)

On three Thursday evenings in February, Father Joseph Serano will explore three topics: what traditionally is called the “the problem of evil” (how can you believe in the goodness God in the midst of all the evils in the world?), the complexity of sin (its layers and dimensions) and the force of conscience (our moral compass as we seek to be […]