Memorial Day Please take time to remember our Norbertine Veterans and all Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a solemn occasion. It is a time to remember those who gave their life for the ultimate sacrifice so that we may have freedom!


Our Monastery Path

Loving the Holy Eucharist Norbert of Xanten

Bach Festival Leipzig visiting Schlägl

Berne Abbey, Netherlands

Norbertine Sisters, Krakow, Poland

Daylesford Abbey, Paoli, PA

Schlägl Abbey, Austria

Most Brabant monasteries in which brothers and sisters are present are located in the east of the province. A 330 kilometer long hiking trail has been put together especially for the Monastery Year. The path was opened on April 30, 2021 and can be walked from May 1. All year round.

path Ons Kloosterpad is a walking path of 330 kilometers along some fifty (former) monasteries and abbeys in central and eastern Brabant. Our Kloosterpad is divided into 15 stages, varying from 16.5 to 28 kilometers. The tour can be walked in fifteen stages, from monastery to monastery. Practical information about the starting and stopping points can be found here.

Hiking guide
To help walkers from Ons Kloosterpad on their way, there is a Bindboek. This guide connects you with stories, images, reflections and memories of the special places along Ons Kloosterpad. The stages are described in the book. But the binding book also aims to be an inspirational book, with striking facts, appealing art photos and special interviews with people who live and work in the monasteries. The book costs € 29.50 and is for sale at various monastery locations and through Berne Media.

Separate route maps
The stage maps are supplied together with the Bindboek. A part of the proceeds from the sale of the walking guide goes towards the maintenance of the monasteries. The description of the stages and their maps can be found on a separate page at Visit Brabant.

Visiting monasteries
Via Our Monastery Path you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of monastic life. Because although monasteries have similarities, there are also major differences. Some monasteries have a strong focus on contemplation and are more focused on silence and seclusion. Other monasteries, on the other hand, are very active and have always focused on work outside the monastery walls.

You can still see this diversity today. Some monasteries like to receive people and have a lot of contact with the outside world. In other monasteries the seclusion is precisely the quality. What there is to see and experience differs per monastery. The following applies to all monasteries: respect the silence and rhythm of monastic life and do not enter private domains. More information about the individual monasteries can be found on the location map of the website.

Overnight stay
In a number of monasteries along the route – including Berne Abbey – it is possible to stay overnight. But always check the options, because sometimes this is limited to a specific day of the week. All practical information about the starting and stopping points, including accommodation options, can be found here. But there are more lodging options along the route. You can find these on the map of Visit Brabant.

Walk & collect unique souvenirs
Artists made fifteen designs of postcards and portable souvenirs especially for the walkers of Ons Kloosterpad. They form fifteen tangible memories of the places you visit along the way. The souvenirs together tell the story of monastic life in Brabant. They can be purchased at or near the monastery sites. The proceeds benefit the maintenance of the monastic communities. Walk along all fifteen stages of Ons Kloosterpad and collect the unique monastery collection!


We cordially invite you to the Holy Mass, which will be celebrated on the occasion of the feast of Saint Norbert of Xanten, the founder of the Norbertine Orders.

Sunday, June 6 at 12:00. (Krakow, Poland time) The Holy Mass will be celebrated by Fr. canon Marek Spólnik.

We also invite you to the on-line broadcast

Festive baroque music in the collegiate church
On the occasion of the round anniversary, a wide variety of ensembles from all over the world should be guests at the renowned Leipzig Bach Festival in 2020, which have a connecting element: they have all been performing the complete performance of all cantatas by the Leipzig Thomas Cantor Johann Sebastian for years stream. For the Graz ensembles of the Domkantorei and the Capella Leopoldina, the complete performance came to an end in 2020 after 20 years: The way to Leipzig leads via Schlägl: on the one hand actually geographically, on the other hand in the long-term connection between Schlägl and Leipzig, which shaped Rupert G. Frieberger and nursed.

The musical itinerary via Schlägl offers the opportunity for a unique musical experience and brings together internationally renowned soloists in our collegiate church. The large and festive cantatas BWV 126 “Get us Lord at your word”, BWV 127 “Lord Jesus Christ, true man and god” and finally the cantata BWV 137 “Lobet the gentlemen”.

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Elisabeth Stemberg, soprano
Katrin Auzinger, mezzo-soprano
Daniel Johannsen, tenor
Matthias Helm, bass
Domkantorei Graz
Capella Leopoldina,
conductor: Josef Döller

VENUE : Schlägl Collegiate Church
When: June 19, 2022, 4 p.m

“We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe”

Monday, June 20 through Friday, June 24, 2022

Daylesford Abbey warmly welcomes Religious Sisters of all Communities to a special time of retreat in the early days of summer. We will gather for one fifty-minute conference each day centered on topics of spirituality that reflect the reality of our daily lives:

  • The Painful Blessing of “Severe Grace”
  • Going Where We Have Never Been
  • Praying Our Prayers of Yearning
  • Finding God/Finding Our True Selves
  • We Are God’s Work of Art

There will be an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well as individual time with Fr. Nick. We encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the Abbey grounds for quiet prayer and reflection. Come join us!

Please call 610-601-8702 for more information or to register.

$410 Includes meals, room, conferences, Reconciliation
with Nicholas R. Terico, O. Praem.
Memorial Day Please take time to remember our Norbertine Veterans and all Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a solemn occasion. It is a time to remember those who gave their life for the ultimate sacrifice so that we may have freedom!