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Averbode Abbey
– Belgium

Kloster Roggenburg - Germany

Kláštor premonštrátov - Jasov (Slovak Republic)

Daylesford Abbey - Pennsylvania, USA

The Abbey of Averbode was founded around 1134. In 1796 it was abolished by the French government and vacated in 1797. The surviving Premonstratensians resumed monastic life in Averbode in 1834, the official confirmation of the re-establishment by the ecclesiastical authorities took place in 1836.

Roggenburg, founded in 1126; Daughter monastery of the Ursberg canyon, elevated to the status of an abbey in 1444; 1544 imperial abbey, abolished in 1802 and repopulated in 1982 by taking over the parish of Roggenburg; 1986 dependent house (domus dependens) of Windberg Abbey; since 1992-11-08 dependent priory; since 2000 with own novitiate.

The canon, founded around the year 1170 as an independent prefecture , was conferred from the year 1552, mostly to prelates and secular clergy. In 1697 it was redeemed by the Abbot of Perne for the Order and delivered over to the canon of Lucca shortly after. After obtaining the status of an autonomous abbey in 1774, it was suppressed in 1787, but was restored again in 1802.

The community started a novitiate-seminary in 1954 at the Cassatt Estate at Daylesford in Paoli, PA. In 1956, the community was further invited to open and staff the newly founded Saint Norbert Parish in Paoli, PA. In 1963, the Norbertine Community moved from the Cassatt Estate to Pinebrook, its present site, an 88 acre farm in Paoli. Thanks to the generous support of many friends, the Abbey Church and Residence buildings were completed in 1966. The Abbey Church was blessed on August 15, 1967 and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption.