A special event took place in Grimbergen Abbey on Friday, December 16, 2022. The Former Scouts from Grimbergen and the ambulance company EMES from Opwijk received an award on behalf of a representative of the Ukrainian government for the delivery of, among other things, 5 ambulances to Ukraine. The driving force behind all this, Father Karel Stautemas of Grimbergen Abbey, received a Ukrainian decoration for commitment and courage for the help provided. The working group looks back on a successful undertaking: more than 60 refugees were brought to Flanders and accommodated; 5 tons of medical equipment and 5 ambulances reached Ukraine; 2 schools were repaired after bomb hits. More than 100,000 euros were raised for Ukraine thanks to individuals, the municipality of Grimbergen, associations, schools from Merchtem and Grimbergen, Steenhuffel, etc…. At an urgent request from Ukraine, a second action is being launched to provide schools with bomb shelters. In the foreseeable future, Father Karel and someone from former scouts will travel from Grimbergen to Ukraine to help coordinate the local relief efforts.