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Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey, Orange County, CA announce plans for new community in Springfield, IL

Centenary Jubilee of the Canonry of Jamtara 1923-2023

Fr. Karel Stautemas, O. Praem. tells the story of his many trips to Ukraine on his mercy missions.

Ukraine: From Evil to God’s works of Grace (updated 7-19-22)

Norbertines of Mondaye beginning a new community on the French-Spanish border! God bless you, Brothers!

Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey, Orange County, CA announce plans for new community in Springfield, IL

Dear Abbot General Jos Wouters, O. Praem and Definitors,
Prayerful greetings from St. Norbert Abbey Jamtara, Jabalpur, India!
I wish to inform you that Canonry of Jamtara will be starting its Centenary Jubilee year from 28th October 2022. 100 years of Norbertine Fathers’ presence in India will be completed in 2023. In view of this I wish to share with a brief history of Norbertine Fathers’ presence in India.
To summarize the trips to Poland/Ukraine. The trips to Ukraine has expired as follows: At one point I received a message via my confrère Father Johan, whether I did not want to bring goods to Ukraine? He knew someone in Ghent and who had a lot of goods to bring them to Ukraine. I looked at my agenda and decided, yes, I can have certain meetings postponed and so I left very quickly the next day for Ukraine with medical and emergency supplies and dry food and so on. The intention was to go for.
Normally I would have crossed the border to Lviv in Ukraine,  but because of a message that came in, that it was too dangerous one and two in coming back to Ukraine/Poland, there was a 4-day traffic jam. I’d better wait in the hotel at the border, for the refugees. But pretty soon I received a message to pick up other people at the station in Przmyle on the Polish border. They received a photo of me and I received a photo of them, so that I could immediately and fairly quickly bring the right people to Belgium.
Yes, the fifth Phoenix transport of relief goods has left for Ukraine this morning . Pater Karel Stautemas is looking forward to it and would like to thank the Stammers (former scouts and guides Grimbergen) for their tireless support!
Sincere thanks to everyone who made this relief campaign possible: with a gift, with moral support, with active support . Thanks! This is making a real difference for Ukrainians severely affected .
Karel Stautemas “DonCarlo” Norbertijn van Grimbergen
No obligation at all!
You can also support me – the OCMW of Grimbergen – financially . Support goes directly to refugees from Ukraine in Grimbergen . Thanks in advance .
My account number is
Karel Stautemas, BE62 4366 0796 7161, mentioned: Refugees Ukraine .
I’m in contact with Oekrainers . Father Johan is my contact . tel: 0475 47 32 16 – He is connected to our Ukraine team .
Facebook post courtesy of Fr. Joost Jansen, O. Praem.
Pyrenees: after 200 years of absence, monks return to Sarrance!
Four canons of the Abbey of Mondaye are installed this Sunday, September 4 by Bishop Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne, Lescar and Oloron, in Notre-Dame de Sarrance, in the Pyrenees. A new breath for this monastery of Premonstratensian tradition since the fourteenth century.
It is an almost obligatory passage between Lourdes and Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port, Pau and Spain. At three hundred meters above sea level, surrounded by Pyrenean peaks, Sarrance is the narrowest place in the valley, irrigated by the Gave d’Aspe. In the center of the village is the abbey dedicated to Notre-Dame. On a human scale, with its parquet floors and its two-storey cloister with wooden balustrades, “it feels like the inn of the three musketeers”, exclaimed the brothers while visiting the abbey for the first time.