Our Lenten Reflection: Mary’s Way of the Cross

by: Richard Furey

Praying the Stations with
Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Isn’t the Way of the Cross the way of every person’s life? Doesn’t
every life have suffering, falls, hurts, rejections, condemnations,
death, burial…and resurrection?
It has been a Catholic tradition through the centuries to meditate
on the Way of the Cross, so that it becomes our way of life.
Mary, the Mother of Jesus, made that first Way of the Cross. These
Stations attempt to present that viewpoint. In this series we see
through Mary’s eyes what Jesus was going through on the way to
Calvary. Then we try to make practical applications to our own lives.
This series and these words are not the heart of the matter; the
heart of the matter is to go deeper and deeper into the sufferings of
Christ so that we might come out of this spiritual journey with an
appreciation of what Christ did for us, and a deeper love for him and
for our brothers and sisters.
“We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you,
because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.”



Jesus Is

Condemned to Die

It was early Friday morning
when I saw my son.
That was the first glimpse I had of him
since they took him away.
His bruised and bleeding skin
sent a sword of pain deep into my heart
and tears down my cheeks.
Then Pilate, from his chair of judgment,
asked the crowd why they wanted my son executed.
All around me they shouted,
“Crucify him!”
I wanted to plead with them to stop,
but I knew this had to be.
So I stood by and cried silently.

Lord Jesus,
it is hard for me to imagine
the anguish your mother felt
at your condemnation.
But what about today, when I hold a grudge…?
“Crucify him!”
When I judge others…?
“Crucify him!”
Doesn’t this bring tears of anguish
to both you and your mother?
Forgive me, Jesus


Jesus Takes His Cross

Regaining a little strength,
I walked with the crowds
to the entrance of the square.
A door flew open
and my son stumbled out,
the guards laughing behind him.
Two men dragged over a heavy wooden cross
and dropped it on his shoulders.
Then they shoved him down the road.
My pain for him was unbearable.
I wanted to take the cross from him
and carry it myself.
But I knew this had to be,
so I walked on silently.

Lord Jesus,
I beg you to forgive me
for the many times
I have added more weight to your cross
by closing my eyes
to the pain and loneliness of my neighbor.
Forgive me for gossiping about others
and for always trying to find excuses
to avoid certain people
who wish to talk with me.
Help me to be like Mary,
always seeking to lighten the crosses of others.
Forgive me, Jesus.