Below are a series of resources designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of Norbertine life or stay connected.

The liturgical directory is a guide to Mass and common prayer for each day of the year in Norbertine/Premonstratensian abbeys and priories worldwide.

The Norbertines group on Facebook allows members and friends of the order to stay up-to-date with news of the order.

Our 81 houses around the world are autonomous, so each has its own distinct quality; some communities are more contemplative than others. Explore our houses through the directory.

The catalogus is the worldwide membership directory of the Norbertine order. It is intended for use by order members.

If you are looking for someone who has passed away in the Norbertine Order, please use our Departed section.

Here you can view the Life of St. Norbert (Vita A), a translation of a 12th century manuscript.

Written about the year 400, the Rule of St. Augustine is one of the earliest guides for religious life and one followed by the Norbertines.

The Center for Norbertine Studies at St. Norbert College, in collaboration with Norbertine communities throughout the world, explores how Norbertine heritage — so rich in its cultural expression and influence down through the centuries — can inform and help shape spiritual, intellectual and cultural life today.

The center has many works of interest by and about Norbertines, including music by Norbertine composers. You can view many freely available resources in the center’s digital collection.