Uvalde School Shooting:

“This is not us”: Tight-knit Uvalde, rooted in Texas history, navigates incalculable grief

Texas Tribune

After Uvalde, mass shootings continue over the weekend across the U.S.

At least eight mass shootings took place across the U.S. over the weekend following Tuesday’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Another three occurred between Wednesday and Friday.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, an independent organization that collects data from over 7,500 sources, eight people have been killed and another 45 injured in the five days following the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

A mass shooting, defined by the Gun Violence Archive, is an incident in which four or more individuals are shot and either injured or killed, excluding the gunman.


Everything hurts,
Our hearts shadowed and strange,
Minds made muddied and mute.
We carry tragedy, terrifying and true.
And yet none of it is new;
We knew it as home,
As horror,
As heritage.
Even our children
Cannot be children,
Cannot be.

Everything hurts.
It’s a hard time to be alive,
And even harder to stay that way.
We’re burdened to live out these days,
While at the same time, blessed to outlive them.

This alarm is how we know
We must be altered —
That we must differ or die,
That we must triumph or try.
Thus while hate cannot be terminated,
It can be transformed
Into a love that lets us live.

May we not just grieve, but give:
May we not just ache, but act;
May our signed right to bear arms
Never blind our sight from shared harm;
May we choose our children over chaos.
May another innocent never be lost.

Maybe everything hurts,
Our hearts shadowed & strange.
But only when everything hurts
May everything change.

Amanda Gorman is a poet and the author of “The Hill We Climb,” “Call Us What We Carry” and “Change Sings.”

Please continue to pray for these children and teachers lost in such a horrific act of violence! The victims need our prayers along with their families, friends, relatives and all who worked in the Robb Elementary School District. This act of violence has not only affected Uvalde, Texas but the whole United States and world. Why do senseless things like this need to happen? We all need to ask ourselves that question!